29 cụm tính từ siêu hay cho IELTS Speaking

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Từ vựng tiếng Anh Ielts là một trong những phần học tập khó khăn và vất vả nhất của người học tiếng Anh. 

Nhưng những cách thu thập tài liệu từ vựng sẽ giúp các bạn có được những kiến thức tiếng Anh thú vị và học tiếng Anh một cách hiệu quả hơn. 29 cụm tính từ diêu hay cho Ielts Speaking sau đây sẽ giúp các bạn có thể học tiếng Anh một cách hiệu quả hơn.

29 cụm tính từ siêu hay cho Ielts Speaking

Những cụm tính từ này kèm theo ví dụ sẽ giúp các bạn biết cách sử dụng những từ vựng này đúng nhất. Hãy cùng học nhé!

1. downright rude: extremely rude (cực kì thô lỗ)

Ex: Abusive language is downright rude and insulting.

2. Thoroughly ashamed: feeling guilty or embarrassed about something very much (cảm thấy xấu hổ sâu sắc)

Ex: You may find your work so faulty that you will be thoroughly ashamed of it, but do not be discouraged.

3. spotlessly clean: extremely clean (sạch bong)

Ex: He doesn’t own too many clothes, but whatever he wears is always spotlessly clean and ironed.

4. stinking rich: extremely rich (giàu nứt đố đổ vách)

Ex:  Whoever owned this house was stinking rich, but it was doubtful that they were wealthier than the Loires.

5. wildly exaggerated: to make something seem larger to an extreme extent (nói khoác, chém gió)

Ex: Reports of his drinking have been wildly exaggerated.

6. dead easy: extremely easy (dễ như bỡn)

Ex: Meadowhall is also dead easy for people to get to.

7. wildly inaccurate: not correct or exact (sai quá sai)

Ex: It had been kept oiled and polished, but it was a single-shot, wildly inaccurate at long range, with a kick like a mule’s.

8. mildly surprised: surprised a little bit (chỉ hơi bất ngờ 1 chút)

Ex: We were mildly surprised to see him again.

9. mildly irritated: the state of being slightly annoyed (hơi khó chịu, không hài lòng 1 chút)

Ex: During my noontime pickup basketball games, I am sometimes mildly irritated as my body passes the ball while my conscious mind is saying, “No! Stop! You Fool!”

10. loosely based on: connected to a small degree (hơi liên quan đến nhau)

Ex: The movie was only loosely based on the novel.

11. a broad accent: a strong accent (giọng dễ nhận biết)

Ex: Some speakers might be difficult to place geographically, while others who speak with a broader accent might use a number of localized pronunciation features.

12. to be in broad agreement with someone: generally agree with someone (đồng ý với ai đó 1 cách chung chung)

Ex: The negotiators were in broad agreement with each other on the main issues.

13. mitigating circumstances: circumstances that lessen the blame (giảm nhẹ hoàn cảnh)

Ex: But for every yin there’s a yang: Judges must also consider mitigating circumstances when sentencing defendants.

14. mitigating factors: factors that lessen the blame (giảm nhẹ yếu tố)

Ex: But the mitigating factors that a statute lists generally aren’t exclusive—judges can consider other criteria that relate to the defendant and the crime.

15. deliriously happy: extremely happy (cực kì hạnh phúc)

Ex: He had found his meaning in life and was deliriously happy.

16. highly educated: very educated (có học thức cao)

Ex: Highly educated and intelligent, he was anomalous in the prison environment by adapting a well-known stance of oppositional behavevior.

17. blatantly obvious: very clear (rõ như ban ngày)

Ex: These are the blatantly guilty ones. Well, I guess that was blatantly obvious.

18. utterly ridiculous: absolutely foolish (thật nực cười)

Ex: The involvement of the constabulary in this row is utterly ridiculous.

19. greatly appreciate: be very thankful (biết ơn)

Ex: I would greatly appreciate if you could pay attention to this text.

20. entirely different: absolutely dissimilar (khác nhau hoàn toàn)

Ex: “It always amazes me,” Cynthia said with a sigh and a smile, “when we leave the pavement, it’s an entirely different world.

21. thoroughly enjoy: extremely enjoy (tận hưởng triệt để)

Ex: She had lived in an apartment by herself for several years now and thoroughly enjoyed the solitude.

22. mildly amused: showing that you think something is quite funny (hơi buồn cười)

Ex: She looked mildly amused by his appearance.

23. entirely convinced: being persuaded completely (hoàn toàn bị thuyết phục)

Ex: She wasn’t entirely convinced yet she wouldn’t need the open invitation.

24. consistently successful: being successful continuously (thành công nối tiếp thành công)

Ex: Student is consistently successful at writing short narratives using models.

25. fully aware: completely acknowledging something (biết rõ tường tận)

Ex: She knocked away his next attempt to reach her, fully aware he was distracting her physically while whittling down her resistance mentally.

26. completely useless: having no use whatsoever (hoàn toàn vô dụng)

Ex: Water had got into the radio, and now it was completely useless.

27. virtually impossible: almost impossible (gần như là không thể)

Ex: The scientific truth of evolution is so overwhelmingly established, that it is virtually impossible to refute.

28. absolutely incredible: totally amazing (tuyệt đối đáng kinh ngạc, theo nghĩa tích cực)

Ex: It was built in a year, which seems absolutely incredible.

29. absurdly difficult: so difficult that it doesn’t make any sense (khó 1 cách vô lý)

Ex: Take this absurdly difficult English test – and see why this generation of students will be alienated by education.

Những cụm tính từ này rất dễ nhớ cũng như rất dễ để học, các bạn hãy ghi lại để học tiếng Anh hiệu quả hơn nhé. Chúc các bạn học tiếng Anh thành công!

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